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Tell Taylor 12/21

Taylor Baluski, Writer

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Who do you look up to?

Sophie Ferruzza (2019)

“I look up to my grandfather because he didn’t go to college but he was still was able to work his way up to the top and went up to owning two businesses.”

Isabella Grippaldi (2020)

“My mom because she is my role model.”

Cody Carpenter (2021)

“Bo Burnham because he is a great comedian and great singer.”

Shannon Mitchell (2021)

“My dad because he always been there for me.”

Morgan Plaia (2021)

“My brother Michael is who I look up to most because he protects me from bullies.”

Justin Gomes (2019)

“People that are taller then me.”

Jay Holland (2019)

Iron man is who I look up to because he is super smart and got over his anxiety to become a superhero and because i’m a nerd.

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Tell Taylor 12/21