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An Up and Coming Star

Jake Serrano, Sports Writer

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Gems are found by searching really hard,but sometimes you’ll get one that shines the brightest.

Well, that was the case with Sophomore All around player Bobby Evans. Evans has been one of the biggest surprises this year for Lacey football. A student from LTHS said “He’s like a jaguar running down the field and then wraps up like a gorilla”. “A relentless desire to play aggressively and a daily effort to improve his team has earned sophomore Bobby Evans playing time at the varsity level” was stated by defensive/special teams Coach Shane Allen. With all his big hit and stellar plays, he’s been the talk of the team this year. Evans who played as a Freshman last year had said that he was not going to play football for the upcoming 2017-2018 season and focus on basketball and miss almost the whole offseason program before showing up at the August practices.

Whatever had sparked in his mind that day was definitely the right one. Even though he didn’t know and nobody knew, but from that day forward he would be improving everyday and soon shock the world with his stellar performances. One of Evans specialties is kickoff where he displays speed and then relays a gigantic hit. His grit and tenacity comes from his background and past and how he overcame many things in his life.

I was able to catch up with Evans and ask him a few questions. What was it like making that first hit on another player? “ It was like a rush of Adrenaline, it felt like i was in a whole new world”. Did you ever think you would accomplish so much in one season? “I kept my expectations to a minimum and I didn’t want to set my expectations too high, I just wanted to stay focus and improve day by day”. What’s it like taking those first steps on varsity? “It felt amazing, like a dream come true. I’ve been dreaming of this since I was little, felt like I was living the dream”. What’s your mindset like when you go into a game? “Run everyone over, I just want to Focus on the big picture. I want to envision what’s going to happen”. People want to know how do you hit so hard with no regard for your body? “ I Consider myself hard headed, I want to see right through them.

What’s your advice to a new player or someone who only plays special teams that is trying to make a name for himself? “Try your best on special teams because it’s the start to show the coaches what you can do. You never know when your opportunity will come so make the most of every moment”. What goes into making the perfect hit? “ Use your whole body and never stop, just keep running through the man. How much more can expect from Bobby Evans in the future? Tons, It’s just the first chapter of my career. I think I have a lot more to come”.

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An Up and Coming Star