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Michael McMurran, writer

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A new Boston Dynamics robot can open doors. Boston Dynamics, a leader in robotic technology, just unveiled their newly redesigned Spot Mini. The new Spot Mini can open doors with either its ars or face while still maintaining its balance. Want to see this new robot in action? Click here.

Internet Giant, Google, has been fined $21.1M for having a search bias in India. “Google was leveraging its dominance in the market for online general web search, to strengthen its position in the market for online syndicate search services. The competitors were denied access to the online search syndication…” writes the Competition Commission of India (CCI). This fine is just pocket change for the search giant and won’t affect them.

Foxconn has announced that they are working with Cinema camera superpower RED. This partnership means smaller and cheaper 8k cameras will come out of the company. Foxconn is also the company that fabricates your iPhone. The goal of the partnership is to reduced the price and size of certain RED camera systems by two-thirds. This would be a big change for RED with full working systems costing upwards of 90 thousand dollars for a camera capable of 8K recording.

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