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Looking for a Fun Night Out? Come See Guys and Dolls!

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I have recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Jay Holland (’19), who plays the part of a villain in the spring school play, Guys and Dolls. He provided much insight to the play and how hard the arts departments have been working to make it possible.


Q: What is this play about?

A: The play is a love story between a gambler and a woman from the mission; it’s essentially about defiance and expectations. There is another love story about a gambler who had been engaged to a burlesque dancer for 14 years. It has a lot of comedy in it, which is a lot of fun.

Q: How have rehearsals been?

A: We are here till 5:30 everyday. This gives us enough time to get through the entire show once through, which is what we are doing this week. Some nights we have to stay from 6:00 P.M. till 11:00 P.M.. Sometimes, I stay after till 10:00 P.M. to finish the sets. We’ve been working really hard and giving it all we’ve got.

Q: When is the play?

A: Thursday through Saturday at 7:00 P.M. and then Sunday at 2:00 P.M..  

Q: Why should students come out to see the play?

A: Micaila D’Angelico is an amazing singer, and so is Dana Glenn. Robbie Rebenski is extremely talented as an actor. The villains are hilarious. Eddy Itte has a song, which is wonderful. There’s a freshman lead, which is something special. The set is beautiful. We have a backdrop and moving pieces, which we’ve never had on a set this large before. The arts department deserves credit and recognition for our efforts. We have no budget, and work solely off of the kindness and comradery of our other art departments. Both the digital and physical arts programs helps us out so much with out sets.


Knowing how hard these students work to put on a show for us should make us all want to come out and support our peers. Their efforts deserved to be noticed.

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Looking for a Fun Night Out? Come See Guys and Dolls!