Lights, Camera, Action!! Guys and Dolls Displays Broadway Talent



Jake Serrano, Reporter

 Thursdays opener of Guys and Dolls  was terrific with stellar performances by each and every actor and actress. With its New York style setting and its electrifying singing, Guys and Dolls was a huge success.

The depiction of New York was phenomenal with all the rich men being pick out by different colors. The play made the wealthy look down on the poor. Alex Kopman played and outstanding role as the cop.

Throughout the play the singing and dancing was synchronized to perfection and the tone of the music was captivating. Roles of Sky Masserson and Nathan Detroit played by Noah Hamouda and Robbie Robenski drove the play to its smooth finish. The accents of the New York characters were on point. Roles of Sister Sara played by Dana Glenn who is the sergeant who is in the peace core. Her singing was breath-taking and Broadway talent.

My favorite parts of the play was the unique animations in the play and how interactive the pay actually was. The chirography was incredible with the show being hilarious and clever. The show was both intriguing and spectacular. The singing, dancing, and unique talent that was brought forward to the stage gave this play a 5 star performance.

So much preparation went into the show coming out as great as it was. Its a show everyone should come out and see. With bets, gambles and sticky situations the lay will make you jump out of your seats.

I interviewed Senor Valecillos a Teacher at LTHS who is interested in the performing arts. How do you feel about the performing arts at LTHS? Confident Senor Valecillos said and he believes they should always continue their dreams when i asked him this What would you say to the actors and actresses performing in the play? I continued to ask him about his own experience with the performing arts and asked him this  Have you ever been in the arts and how long have you been interested in it? His response was intriguing because He said he had done plays back in high school in Venezuela and he continued to say that he has been interested for 40 years and since high school. I finally asked him What was your favorite play? He responded with Jersey Boys and one here at LTHS, Beauty and the Beast.

Another Teacher by the name of Mrs. O’Sullivan said “I had the privilege of seeing it today and it was energetic, vibrant, just plain fun!! If you are not yet planning to see this play, do yourself a favor change your plans!! So worth the price of admission!!”

So come out and see this stellar performance by the whole LTHS performing arts crew!!!