A Comeback Story



Carl Swensen Goes for the Slam Dunk

Jake Serrano, Sports Writer

    Carl Swensen Dunks Against Manchester

Working your whole life for something and giving it everything you had just to fall back, well that was Carl Swensen. Throughout this entire journey of his comeback I have learned so many things from so many different people that care about him.

His story is aw-inspiring and I would give any day to go back and learn about his story again. Through his determination and drive to recover and better than he was before the injury is just amazing.

Swensen was taken down during a football game against Manchester where he broke his leg. He always carried with him a positive mindset. The injury made him take a different outlook and have perspective on life, but this injury has shaped him as a person today and will be a building block for problems down the road as he has been through it and know’s how to to bounce back.

When I asked Swensen if he would call this a comeback he said “I think I would call it a comeback”.  ”

— Carl Swensen

Watching his Junior basketball season its almost like the injury never even happened. He has an amazing 3 point shot and the kid can just flat out ball out on the court. He averaged just about 20 points per game this year and was one of the key components to the Lions success this season.

His injury has not only affected the teams he played, but it has affected so many others to, in the fact of that this is the most inspiring thing without question. Swensen’s perseverance and will to keep striving for greater heights is what has pushed him through his injury.