Lytle Leads Lacey in Battle Against Pinelands


Christopher Papa, Sports Writer


As both teams were straining at the line, the official yelled “set!” and the gun went off on an intense race Tuesday, October 3rd at 5PM. The race was an intense race between Alex Lytle of Lacey and Justin Schlatmann of Pinelands for 1st, yet Lacey lost the match overall.  Another good matchup was against Brenden Heitz of Lacey and Mart Villanueva of Pinelands.

As the race finished the top 5  kids finishing for Lacey  were: Alex Lytle ,Brenden Heitz, Chris Papa, Ricci Malfitano, and Michael Price. The results came in and Lacey loss to Pinelands and now their record is 3-4 to finish B-south season.