Apple Festival Brings Out the Crowds

Toniann Fragiglio, Writer

The Apple Festival that took place at Gille Park was huge and filled with many local residents of Lacey. Personally, I didn’t expect to turnout to be as big as it was, nor did I know that apples trees were a thing in Lacey. Despite my lack of knowledge, I went to volunteer with a club called SGA. The club and it’s member volunteer at different local events and on Saturday, September 29th, I attended The Apple Festival, which was apart of Lacey Day.


           As a volunteer, I worked at a series of games which were called “Antiquette Games”. Children of many different ages stopped by to play a little, have fun, and win some prizes. Later into the day, I spend most of my volunteer time slicing and selling delicious pie. All of the pies sold placed in the Pie Contest. Some of those pies were even baked in the culinary program here in LTHS! Overall, the festival was very successful and did better than last year, mainly because people could just walk up to purchase a pie rather than wait in a line. All of the money went towards a good cause and was an excited event filled with many.