Football Preview: Week 5

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Football Preview: Week 5

Sydney Farmer

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This Saturday, October 6th, at 2pm, the Lacey Lions will be playing at Lakewood for an away conference game against the Piners. Lacey is predicted to win this game as they have a 3-2 record while Lakewood remains 0-4. In the past two weeks, Lacey has played tough teams in which resulted in consecutive losses. I was given the opportunity to talk to Cole Gudzak(19’), who plays fullback for the Lacey lions,about his thoughts regarding this upcoming game.

SF: “Following this past weeks upsetting lost against Jackson Memorial, how has the team improved?”
CG: “The team realized we are not going to win games unless we give it our all out there. During practice, it has been more uptempo ad more intense to prepare us for the tough second half of the year.”
SF: “Who are some players, you feel have improved tremendously from the beginning of the season to now?”
CG: “Players that are stepping up big for us this year are Quint Kearns(19’) and Mike Kudlacik(20’) on defense, and Donovan Bacchetta(20’) on offense as a wide receiver.”
SF: “Any new additions to this upcoming games lineup?”
CG: “Dylan Gudzak(19’) is back for his second game since his injury; he is getting healthier and better as we progress as a team.”
SF: “What are your predictions for this upcoming game?”
CG: “I predict a tough game against Lakewood, I expect our defense to limiting their scoring opportunities and hopefully our offense will be able to get lots of points on the board.”

Make sure to go support the Lions on October 6th, 2pm, at Lakewood High School!