Long Lines Lead to a Fun Homecoming, Students Hope


Toniann Fragiglio, Writer

       Students eagerly wait in line to get a ticket for the highly anticipated homecoming dance.

       I stood in line astonished by the amount of people that stood before me and in front of me, for there were a mass amount of students! Considering that the line was a mile long, I do expect the turn out to be huge. I’d say the it took up about 75% of W-Hall, if that gives you an idea on just about how extensive the wait was.

        Most chatted with their friends and peers nearby, a bit agitated but once the line began to move a little, I feel as if it was quite relieving. I could imagine some probably stood with a pretty heavy amount of weight on their backs (their backpacks) for at least 30 minutes. Though the wait was rough, I do hope it will all be worth it in the end at homecoming and the party will be an exciting success!