Reaching Our Youth-Michael DeLeon

Reaching Our Youth-Michael DeLeon

Christopher Papa, staff writer

Now that he is out of Jail Michael DeLeon feels he has a purpose in life;  to show kids and adults what drugs do to you and to help those addicted.

Today as of 10/30/18 Lacey Township had a assemblies for all grades on drugs and alcohol and what are some consequences for doing any of those substances.

The speaker of these assemblies were Michael R. DeLeon an ex – offender who has been on drugs and involved in gangs for 8 years of his life and then sent to jail for 12 years of his life.  He explained how he wanted to go on HBO to teach his lesson but HBO declined so he went to the streets with a cameraman and equipment and asked people for their stories about their own addictions.

As the assembly ended he handed out bracelets with the words “ Stay In Your Lane “ which is referencing to not get involved with drugs and alcohol and stay on right path.