Why My Vote Matters

Toniann Fragiglio, staff writer

In America, we are fortunate enough to be able to be apart of a democracy. We are able to have a say in who will represent us, as a whole. I suppose you could say we take this right for granted. Us U.S. citizens forget that in certain areas of the world, there are dictators. These people have total reign over an entire area. They rule with zero control, for they do not take their citizens opinions into consideration. We have a true president, that the people of America have chosen. It is very hard to imagine an America where we don’t get an opinion, choice, or ballot. Think about how out of control that must be, considering we are a country of freedom. While imagining an America like this, remember that is not how our country operates. We do have an opinion. We do have a choice. We do have a ballot. Therefore, we have a vote that matters.


Exercising your right to vote is important. It is just as important as your actual vote. Without it, there would be no representation. The government would have no way in knowing who you want to potentially govern your town, county, state, or country. Instead of you personally electing someone with your best interest in mind for your possible future, some random person would be chosen to do all of the decision making. This decision making could impact your life significantly for the worse. Or you could vote and chose someone to do the decision making and have them impact your life significantly for the better. Without voting, you could end up with someone unfit as your governor. Though you could still vote against a politician you feel is in fact unfit, and they could still win. At this point, you may feel your vote doesn’t matter, although it does. Your one vote makes a difference, no matter the outcome. This is because your vote matters.


I personally can’t think of one single reason why you wouldn’t vote, especially when you attempt to do something that could directly affect you. Voting is a chance to have a voice. It is our right, so why not express that. Throughout history, voting has come a long way. All the work our ancestors and founding fathers put into enforcing the right to vote for whoever should not go to waste. Us Americans should be proud in our democracy. We should have faith in whoever you choose to represent you and our fellow Americans. Your one single vote can impact congress significantly. Also, if you choose to abstain it could impact congress the other way. Possibly the way you believe can send our country crashing down. Or you can embrace the ballot. Choose who you feel is most fit to represent all of us. Your individual vote matters. We have a vote that is counted for. We have a vote that matters.