Does Lacey Basketball have a shot at the Playoffs?


Jake Sullivan, Sports Journalist

        The winter season is coming to an end, which means its a playoff possibility for Lacey and although some of our winter sports teams have slim or huge chances for a playoff appearance, there is one team that has caught my attention ever since the beginning of December…


Our Lacey boys basketball, has a 10-7 record overall and 5-6 in their conference.”

— Sullivan

We can see that they’re at the point to reach for a playoff seed. So far, Lacey is fourth place in the B-South conference, behind of Pinelands, Mon Don, and Jackson Liberty.

               The real question however, is do our boys have the amount of power to clinch the shore conference?  Most likely, in my opinion they have a fair chance at earning their spot. There was one game I watched and it was the Lacey v. Central game, after I saw that amazing blowout. I realized that Lacey had a great opportunity later on in the season. Everything was a equal amount of perfect defensive and offensive plays.  Carl Swenson has more than 300 points, 50 rebounds, and 44 assists so far this season, which gives his younger teammates something to look up to.  ¨We came out slow in the first half and the third quarter but we had a really good week of practice so all we have to do is stay hot¨ Swenson said after the win against Central earlier this month. I agree with Swenson, Practice does make perfect. There were some slow downs in the basketball season for example, how Lacey barely beat Southern 50-48 last week, or when Barnegat beat Lacey on  a buzzer beater. I know the boys don’t depend on just one guy, they got other compatible teammates like Seniors, Kevin O Rourke , Jordan Cohen, and newcomer sophomore, Jacob Bowles. No matter if your team is good, bad or alright you can still have a chance to make a brighter future in the playoffs.