Swensen Captures 1000 Point Title


Jacob Serrano, Sports Director

An amazing accomplishment by Carl Swensen reaching 1000 points. Just the 12th player to do it. He ended his career with 1018 points by scoring an unofficial stat line of 21 points in the Lions unfortunate loss against Delsea.

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We don’t see many athletes like him come around too often and he was an incredible core player for this Lacey team with an incredible comeback story.”

— Serrano

After injuring his leg, and missing an entire season of basketball, Swensen has been firing off on all cylinders. With a strong core group of players and Swensen leading the way, the Lions were able to make it to the State playoff game against Delsea. Lacey was the home team at the 8th seed, while Delsea was the 9th seed.

The big three for Delsea took over the game as Evans, Jaminson, and Gordon all scored points like crazy. The size and speed of Delsea gave them an extra advantage in winning this one and their sharpshooting skills made almost every basket look flawless.

As Seniors in Kevin O’Rourke, Dylan Gudzak, and Carl Swensen depart, Lacey will have to find their ways once more to be able to get back to the state playoffs. With a talented core of young players, Lacey definitely has potential for the future.