Heads Up on Hurricanes!


Ryan Wegryn, reporter

  Anyone who has ever lived through a hurricane knows the devastating effects it can have. Hurricanes cause excessive flooding and property damage; loss of lives is the most tragic result. The season for hurricanes extends from mid-August to late October and usually form in tropical areas. They begin over warm, moist ocean waters near the equator. As the warm air rises, clouds are formed which causes wind to spin faster and faster. Hurricanes are divided into five categories with winds from 74 mph to 157 mph or even higher.

               Four people were interviewed to determine which hurricane they considered to be the most horrific. Of those interviewed, three strongly believed Hurricane Sandy was the most destructive mainly because of its impact on the coastal area of New Jersey, Forked River experienced flooded streets and damage to homes, especially those on or near the water. Many homes not only suffered water damage but loss of electricity and foundation erosion. Schools and businesses were closed, and New Jersey was declared a state of emergency. The fourth person chose Hurricane Katrina because the death total was close to 2,000 in and near the city of New Orleans.

              Recently, the East Coast escaped Hurricane Dorian, but will it survive the next hurricane? The following two months will answer that question.