Lacey Football Momentum Rising After Two Staggering Wins


Jake Sullivan, Sports Journalist

It was 7-6, fourth quarter, a minute and fifty to go, the Lions are on the 5 yard line with anxious Steinert fans hollering  with all their might. 

This game was exhausting and unreliable for both sides. The play clock is ticking, the ball is snapped, Noah Brunatti hands it off to Scottie Stevens for a 3 yard rushing touchdown. This was it, the redemption of that one play sealed the win in their first away  game against Steinert 14-6.

In 2018, Lacey had an upsetting record of 5-5, after losing to teams such as Wall, Jackson Memorial, Brick, Freehold Borough, and Manalapan. Looking back in the early season last year,  the Lions were 3-0 and were improving in  the Shore Conference. The Lions topped their overcoming rivals down south, the Southern Regional Rams 6-3, which boosted the Lions confidence of potential outcome. 

After Lacey’s win against the Steinert Spartans, I noticed  that throughout the game it was a fatigued and defensive battle.  According to Lacey’s head coach, Coach Lou Vircillo, on  that his defense was ¨overplayed¨ and was no answer against Steinert’s game plan.

One week later, Lacey had their first ever game under the lights, also known as ¨Friday Night Lights¨. Talk about a blowout, the Lions scored three touchdowns in just the first quarter. The first was a 33 yard rush touchdown from senior running back, Justin Gorski who had an overall 4 touchdowns,139 rushing yards and in average of 19.4 yards per carry in only one game!

 I pretty much knew that the game was over in the first five minutes of the first quarter. The way our defense was playing is unstoppable and in when the third to fourth quarter hit we started racking up the points and it was pretty much over for Monmouth Regional ̈ Lacey football player 

It was a tough first game for  the Monmouth Regional Falcons, but they will try to seek their first win against Ocean this Saturday. Lacey however, will be having another Under the Lights game at home against their biggest shore team rival, the Central Regional Golden Eagles who are placed 5th in the shore standings (1-1) Can Lacey pursue their undefeated record? Well find out this Friday Night!

(Photos courtesy of NJ.Com)