The Start of The School Year: Off To A Good Start


Krystal Stucy , LION Author

The first four days of the school year, I saw a lot of the freshman getting lost, the intersections were backed up, and even I was getting frustrated adjusting to the schedule. But now, it seems like people are adjusting and the whole school is running better. 

A lot of you might be stressed out by tests and even just the classes in general.

I will try to ease your mind by telling you are not alone in this, other classmates are worried also.”

— Krystal Stucy

I know that this hard to believe, but your teachers worry about the upcoming year and I have interviewed some of them. 

Some of the students say that they are worried about the NWEA testing, PARCC testing, getting bullied, being late to class, getting bad grades and having to do the course all over again (ie. Math, Science, English, etc.). For the people that are worried about standardized testing, there are ways to calm down before you take the test. Here are some tips to help, know that they are not graded and do not affect your overall grade in that class. We all know that good test-taking strategies help and you just need to experiment with the different ones. 

As for getting bad grades you just need to find a studying habit that works. A couple that work for me are online sites called Khan Academy and Quizlet. These are free online sites that help you learn a variety of subjects. They can help you by giving you rewards for everything that you do or learn. 

If your getting bullied, the first step is to tell yourself that it is not your fault.

The second thing that you should do is go to an adult and talk about it, the person, the bully, could get into serious trouble not just with the school but with the law.”

— Krystal Stucy

I know the saying,” snitches get stitches”, but in my opinion if your getting bullied this rule does not apply to you. Another thing you can do is if your self-esteem has been damaged, try to fix it by telling yourself the opposite of all of the negative things that you think.

If you are being late to class there are two things that you can do. First, you can find a quicker route to that particular class. Second, if you are one of those kids, like me, that like to stand around and talk to their friends, remember, if you want to talk to them there is always time to do so after school. 

I spoke to some relatives of mine who teach school and they also have things that can stress them out during the start of school.  They might worry about student misbehavior or emergencies in school. To help your teachers out, remember to follow directions to keep things going smoothly.

In conclusion, everyone is working together to get the school year started off on the right foot. 

Krystal Stucy