Scariest Moments in NFL History

Scariest Moments in NFL History

Jake Serrano, Editor in Chief

We’ve seen some pretty scary moments in NFL history, whether it comes to injuries, bad losses, or just really scary moments.

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Raiders fan have to live out the tuck rule, which was a scary moment for them as they have to remember it forever as they lost to the Patriots because of it in the playoffs. ”

— Serrano

Sam Darnold seeing “ghosts” is about as scary as it can get for an NFL fan to hear from their franchise quarterback, as the Jets lost 33-0 in a shutout against the undefeated New England Patriots.

On the other hand I guess it’s not as scary as being a Browns fan and watching them lose every season.

The butt fumble in my eyes was the scariest time to be a Jets fan and probably the darkest era. I still can’t wrap my mind around how you fumble, running into another man’s rear end.

There definitely has been some scary moments in NFL history, but what do you think were the scariest moments in NFL or sports history? Comment down below.