The Inside Scoop with Ryan Wegryn


Ryan Wegryn, Author

Ms. DeMeo is currently a student teacher at Lacey Township High School. She is working with students in Mr. O’Sullivan’s History classes.

An interview was conducted on October 11th after school in Room W112.


Ryan Wegryn: When did you first think about becoming a teacher?

    Ms. DeMeo: I first thought of being a teacher in high school.


   R.W.: What is your major in college?

Ms. D.: I am majoring in History with a concentration in Secondary Education.


   R.W.: Do you have a minor?

Ms. D.: Yes, Holocaust, Genocide, and Childhood Studies.


   R.W.: Where would you like to teach after graduation?

Ms. D.: New York City School District because I like an urban environment with a lot of diversity.


   R.W.: Was there any particular teacher in your past that was an inspiration? Ms. D.: My eighth grade teacher, Mr. Striker. He is a World History teacher.  He is very enthusiastic and made me fall in love with History.”

— Ms. DeMeo


   R.W.: Why do you want to be a teacher?

Ms. D.: I want to help students use their strengths to build their content knowledge             

            with their abilities in an educational setting. I want to help students develop their educational confidence.


  R.W.: How would you rate the students at LTHS?

Ms. D: I would rate them 11/10. Awesome! I would say you guys are incredibly smart and talented.