Memories of Halloween

Memories of Halloween

Ryan Wegryn, Reporter

Do you remember your first Halloween costume? Was it a pumpkin, witch, or superhero? If you were too young to recall, look through your family albums, and there is bound to be a cute picture of you on your first “Trick or Treat” adventure. Walking around the parking lot dressed in your costume was an exciting part of school parties. Parents taking pictures and costume contests were all part of this wonderful experience, and the free candy was always a plus.

Some LTHS students were asked if they remembered their first Halloween costume and the results were as follows:


Sarah Mazzoni – Bumblebee

Nora Valles – Pumpkin

Arianna Petisco – Princess

Diego Wolf – Winnie the Pooh

Angelina Terzo – Chili Pepper

Dominick Perrone – Scooby-Doo

Emily Dacus – Winnie the Pooh

Nicholas Torre – Ninja

Cierra Brewster – Pirate

Jessica Grube – Cat