Boxing Breaks Beefs

Boxing Breaks Beefs

Dan Osorno, Correspondent

I Got a Problem with You!  Why don’t you come down to the Boxing Club and we will sort it out!  Imagine if we had a boxing club at Lacey High School. Did you know that boxing is one of the greatest ways to exercise.  It’s also one of the top paying sports in America.

I know a lot of people that like boxing.  Some of them work out at local clubs.    I think there are students here who would be interested in it.  Imagine the field trips for this club.  Maybe we could go to Atlantic City and meet with a Boxing promoter at a ring? Maybe we could start with a boxing program in gym class;  this would include hitting the bags, sparing with the big pads, kicking the dummy, doing jump rope and having really good music going.

I imagine it would be difficult to start, especially with insurance but many kids would be into it and it would have great benefits.

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