Lacey Football Hits the High Notes


Jake Sullivan, Sports Correspondent

        The Lacey Lions football season has come to an end, as they were defeated by Wall recently with a final score of 35-18. But with an overall record of 7-4, it seems like the Lions ended off on a good note. They were a team that would put up a good fight no matter if they win or lose, the team had great chemistry, acknowledged each other, and helped each other out when times were tough. The 2019-20 football season was a season not to forget, including the first night game in Lacey history, a clinch in the playoffs, and a new lineup. 

           The Lions were phenomenal in their game against Central two months ago…. In my opinion this was the game that gave our boys the recognition they deserve. Especially Senior Wide Receiver Bobby Evans who won MVP that game. Also with an acclaimed reputation this was a big night for sophomore quarterback, Noah Brunatti who had 203 Yards,3 Touchdowns, and an average of 20.3 Yards per attempt! It was mid to late September and the Lions were still undefeated their next game was against the Manasquan Warriors. 

         Although the Central-Lacey game determined Lacey’s mentality, that game determined if Lacey could pull off an upset. The game was eccentric and nail biting, both teams played good offense & defense nailing down to the last snap for Manasquan. It was very irritable and anxious, that 4th quarter felt like it was one of the longest games that I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime of watching football. It all came up to the last snap as Manasquan was going for a Hail Mary, the wide receiver ran down to about the 20 yard line. The throw was high in the air, it was snatched and the Lions were now 4-0! After that win, the Lacey Lions were struggling to uphold an admirable reputation in the shore conference.  Teams like Holmdel,Donovan Catholic,and Toms River East defeated the Lions in the near end of the season but on the positive side, Lacey had iconic wins against Red Bank Regional and Pt. Pleasant Boro. After a hefty season, the Lions finished the regular season with 6 wins and 4 losses. Now, the fun began………

  Laceys first playoff game was far far away in Burlington Township as they went up against the Burlington Falcons in the first round! Temperatures went down to 30 degrees and the game was very frigid. Burlington (6-2 overall 3-2 League) was seen as a very standard team and a possible  win for Lacey. Kickoff! We were underway but Burlington had a kickoff return touchdown! But after a staggering return, Noah Brunatti passes to Evans for a 28 yard touchdown before the end of the first quarter! After the Lions were remarkable baffling the Burlington crowd, and  Lacey scored 2 more touchdowns before halftime! Another remarkable thing in the game was Junior, Tynan Jensen who scored 3 touchdowns and carried 139 rushing yards which led Lacey to a 35-15 win over the Falcons. Unfortunately, the Lacey Lions season came to an end as Wall overcame the Lions 35-18. But it was a great season and I hope our boys come to improve their pros and cons! In my opinion, the Lacey Lions still have a good reputation in the Shore Conference.