Cerebral Palsy Can’t Stop a Hat Trick


Jacob Serrano, Editor in Chief

The Crowd is on their feet, skates are piercing the ice, and Erik is lining up to score.

Erik Czaplinski who has Cerebral Palsy went on the ice in Lacey’s match against Central. Erik who is the the Hockey team Manager has been getting ready for his big moment. This Varsity Letterman, who didn’t know it yet would have the best night of his life.

Personally, I could say Erik is one of the most upbeat and happy people I know. He is always looking to compliment another person and always has something nice to say, so this moment was well deserved.

Erik hit the Ice that night and went onto score a hat-trick, he was ecstatic. Erik’s mom said she was humble and very happy when Erik scored his first goal.

With all the support and how close the team is, you could imagine how excited Erik’s Teammates were when he got to score and get on the Ice.

And even though the team wouldn’t win that game, they won something even greater that night, which was to watch their teammate have his dreams come true.

Since then, Erik has been on News 12 New Jersey and was given his own Jersey at the Devils game.

This just proves that anything is possible when you set your mind to it and Erik has definitely left impact on all of us and is an inspiration to us all.