Did Patrick Mahomes deserve MVP?


Jake Sullivan, Writer

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers with a score of 31-20. In the second half, the Chiefs bounced back scoring 21 points overall. The fourth quarter was an astonishing comeback, not for the team but for Patrick Mahomes. He threw 140 passing yards, 2 Touchdowns and had 10 passes complete out of the 16 attempts, leading the Chiefs to their first ever super bowl victory in 50 years.

In the post game Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes was declared Super Bowl MVP. 

In my opinion, this was a very generic and typical pick, it was indolent. Although Mahomes had a very phenomenal performance at the end of the game, he didn’t seem to improve throughout the three quarters.

So I asked a question to various students and teachers, did Patrick Mahomes deserve to be the Super Bowl MVP? Junior, Matt Kaliske said that Chiefs running back, Damien Williams deserved to be the Super Bowl  MVP “ He had 104 rushing yards, a receiving touchdown, a rushing touchdown which was the game winning touchdown. 

Mahomes had an average game, it should’ve been Williams.” Someone who also sides with him is Kansas City’s own, Mr. Setaro who had the same idea “ You got to think of the way Patrick Mahomes played in the first three quarters, he didn’t play well enough” Mr. Setaro also mentioned Mahomes having two picks, especially the second one which went over wide receiver, Tyreek Hill. 

Also Mahomes did not keep the drives alive, unlike Williams who kept the ball alive and being the one who had several first downs and even close screens. But there are other opinions that defend Mahomes like senior, Jacob Wyman “ I thought Mahomes had a very good game, I thought he could have done better to earn his MVP performance and I thought there are other people who probably could’ve done better like if Damien Williams had about 140 rushing yards or put the team on his back, but Mahomes deserved it because nowone else had a MVP performance.” Although there are different opinions about who deserved the Super Bowl MVP title, we can all agree that both teams and all players played incredibly.