Draft Miracle

Jake Serrano, Editor in Chief

The NFL draft was officially underway on Thursday, April 23rd. It was a virtual draft that ran flawlessly and raised over 4 million dollars for Covid-19 relief.

This was also the draft where 7 offensive linemen went off the board just in the first round with 6 wideouts and Corners.”

— Serrano


The draft was something everyone needed to put their minds at ease and see their teams pick some great talent.

This was also the draft where 7 offensive linemen went off the board just in the first round with 6 wideouts and Corners.

Watching the draft, I loved and disliked a few picks.




Love em:

Derrick Brown (DT) Auburn

USA Today

In a division of the NFC South where you have Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, and Drew Brees you need someone to get after the quarterback, not to mention to plug up the holes to stop Todd Gurley and McCaffrey. I think this was a great pick as the Panthers get a guy who can take down and bull rush up the middle to disrupt the pocket passers of the South.


Isaiah Simmons (LB) Clemson

Clemson Tiger Simmons was selected after Brown to the Cardinals, who are very quietly becoming a deadly force in the NFL. Simmons at Clemson was ranging all over the field, sometimes even playing corner. He is a very versatile player and a hybrid linebacker. The Cardinals need this guy to step up with his versatile skills and high ranging speed to stop Russell Wilson in that division and scream off the edge to disrupt the 49ers run game. He is a perfect fit.

Hate em

Tua Tagovailoa (QB) Alabama

For me, the dolphins with a growing young crop of talent should have waited to take Tua. That being said who knows if he would have still been there when they picked later in the first. However, Tagovailoa has too many injuries and questions regarding his health that it is a real concern on his durability. Time will tell if he can maintainĀ his health, but when he is healthy he is a premier talent at his position.








Surprise Pick: Javon Kinlaw (DE) University of South Carolina

Kinlaw at 14? Why am I surprised? Because the 49ers used that pick they got from the Colts. The Colts received DeForest Buckner one of the top defensive ends on the deadly 49ers defensive front last year. So, they went out and replaced him? There was so much talent at 14 for a wide receiver that’s where I thought they should have gone, maybe with Judy or Lamb.

All in all the draft was a spectacular live event to watch and I’ll never forget it. This year’s group is going to be a force to reckon with for years to come.