To Degree or Not Degree: Our Authors Debate the Value of College

Junior year is when students start to realize that it’s time to think about college. They begin to figure out what they want to do with their future, and where they want to go to school. College is an important aspect of life, as it allows young people to explore their major and it gives them the opportunity to learn. Many students try very hard in school, especially high school, so that they will be able to guarantee themselves a spot in college. This is sort of a controversial issue, as there is debate over whether high school students should spend their lives and high school careers getting into college. The truth is that college is important, and high school students should be trying their hardest to get into college.

It is important to keep your grades up in high school, because believe it or not, colleges look at your high school grades. When you apply, the colleges you apply to want you to send them your high school transcript. On that transcript are the classes you are taking and your final grade in that class. The higher those grades are and the more complex classes you take, the better you will look when you apply. Even more important are your SAT and ACT scores. Let’s face it, most people don’t try on standardized tests. When it comes to the SAT and ACT, however, you really do want to try. Your score(s) from these tests are really what get you scholarship money when you are accepted to college. Colleges care a lot about your test scores. You don’t have to take both tests, but it would be strongly advised. Many colleges will use your best score from either test when they determine how much money they will give you. It is also important as a highschooler to apply for other scholarships as well. As a senior, you will receive a scholarship packet that is packed with scholarships, and it is highly recommended that you apply for all of the scholarships for which you qualify. Even if you sit and troll the internet, you will find plenty of websites that offer scholarship opportunities for you. Go get that money!

Other things to look at while in high school are your school involvement and your community service. Sports and clubs offer many unique and fun opportunities for you to experience, and it is worth checking them out. Depending on your future plans, you could find a club that would fit perfectly. Into medical things? Check out the EMS club. Do you want to do something with business? There are many business clubs that can be found throughout school. The more clubs and sports you participate in, the better you look when you apply. It is also important to do community service as well. Helping the community is something that everyone should take seriously and want to do. Join the high school Interact club, which prides itself in community service and helping people in need. Are you a Boy Scout or Girl Scout? If you are, stay a member. It looks really good on a resume and college application, and there are even scholarship opportunities for you that arise from these things. Involvement is the key to success.

Now is that time of the year when students really start to think about college. They sit down and really start to figure out what they want to do with their lives, and where they want to go to school. A few college applications were due already, but most are due the beginning of 2017. With that being said, how far along are LTHS seniors in the application process? There are hundreds of colleges all over the United States, so students have many options as to where they want to go. Each of the colleges have applications involved, and the colleges all have their own application deadlines. Seniors throughout the school were interviewed, and all of the students interviewed are planning to go to college. Here are the statistics: 69% of the students have applied to college already; 31% of students are not in the application process; 77% of those interviewed began the application process; 23% of students interviewed have been accepted to college. When asked their top college choices the responses varied greatly. They ranged from Kutztown University and the University of Alabama to University of West Chester and Pace University. College is very important to a lot of people, and these seniors know of its importance. Good luck to the seniors with the applications, and congratulations to those already accepted to college!”

— Blaze Talley

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