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Lacey Fall Sports Standings

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Girl’s Tennis Wins First Round in Playoffs; Maintains Strong Lead

Girl’s Soccer Surging at the Right Time

As most everyone knows, each team in our school is a member of a conference for sports.  For the most part, it is B-South this year.  Each team is also a part of South Jersey Group III for state playoffs.  Here at the L.I.O.N., we have put together the standings as if all of our sports teams were one division at Lacey.  It makes for a bit of fun comparison in the halls!

Standings Current 9/26/17    Winning Percentage

Girl’s Tennis                18-1                .947     17-0 regular season, lost in States

Girl’s Soccer                14-6                .700     Reached State Semifinals

Football                          7-3                .700     Qualified for States

Lacey Boys Soccer      12-8-1            .610     Reached State Semifinals

Girl’s Cross Country   4-3                .571

Girl’s Volleyball            8-12             .400      Qualified for States

Football                         7-3                 .700      Qualified for States

Boy’s Cross Country    3-4                 .429

Field Hockey                6-9-2              .419    Qualified for States

Girl’s Gymnastics         4-7                 .300






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Lacey Fall Sports Standings